Helping you align your technology with your business.

We offer technology expertise for Cloud, Networking, and Security to help you deploy the right technologies at the right time to fuel your business. 


For Security Professionals

With Firefly’s managed firewall services, you can avoid the expenses and complexities of hiring a full-time employee for specific tasks. Our cost-effective solution provides the expertise you need without the added burden of increasing your headcount.

Firefly makes technology accessible with a proven, systematic portfolio of services to help customers evaluate, adopt and excel key technologies to drive results. We partner with you to understand your specific requirements, match them to the right use cases and get it deployed. Our expertise is deep, not broad. We focus on innovative cloud, networking, and security technologies that enable rapidly changing business needs. We help you align your vision with technology to ensure agility and the ability to scale.


Driving Deployments


Empowering Engineers

Firefly’s Adopt Program is the world’s most innovative way for engineers to acquire and develop skills and practical know-how. Built as a series of short 4-hour sessions that run throughout the year, the Adopt Program approach is a very powerful way to gain skills when you need them, in a format that works!


Passion for innovative technology

Drive to see our customers succeed

Bridge between techonolgy and outcomes


Services customized for you

Hands on experience from diverse deployments

Strong, proven expertise


Rochester City School District
"I highly recommend Firefly and look forward to working with them in our future endeavors."

Mark A Cassella
Director of Network Infrastructure

Mississippi Information Technology Services
"I can say without reservations that the engagement exceeded my expectations. The Firefly engineers we worked with were both extremely professional and knowledgeable."

Brian Norwood
Telecommunications Services Director

Providence of Alberta
"Rafik was excellent at explaining the concepts found in the course, and his hand drawn diagrams were often superior to those found in the course material."

Telecommunications Services Director

United States Marine Corps
“I loved both the slides and the instructor’s (Randall Bratton) use of the whiteboard to sketch things out in greater detail as he explained various topics. Very informative and engaging!”

Justin Mosley

“The Firefly training company has been my primary training center over the last years. This is the most comprehensive training vendor that I have been used. The combination of leading vendor courses and customer-oriented presentation style make this training center as a perfect match for my day-to-day work. Highly recommended for IT professionals.”

Natan Khvoroshchan

First National Bank
“I love the fact that one can stay in the comfort of your own house and get this quality training. The instructors put in so much effort on explaining and examples. The lab work is a great touch helping with some hands-on training. “

Eugene Stander

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