Technical education

Impactful Targeted IT Training that is Relevant to Your Business and Application Environment.

Firefly equips IT professionals with the knowledge they need to quickly adopt new technologies and maximize new product performance. Through our partnerships with manufacturing leaders in data center networking, network visualization, storage, IT infrastructure, system management and cloud, we have been able to develop and deploy flexible live and on-demand IT training and certification prep programs designed to accelerate and maximize new technology adoption, integration, and performance.


Firefly Digital Passports put employers and their IT specialists in control of their technical education, allowing workers to take the online IT courses they need on a schedule that makes sense for them and your business. Our courses drive confidence, ensure successful deployments, and support accreditation plans and certifications.


Our curated course calendar provides essential Cisco Certification prep and skill sets for businesses built on Cisco Technologies. Each class is delivered by an expert Cisco Certified instructor and is Guaranteed To Run. We have selected the most popular courses and made them available for purchase with CLCs using the Cisco Value Exchange Program.


“Rafik was excellent at explaining the concepts found in the course, and his hand drawn diagrams were often superior to those found in the course material.”

Ross Sorenson

Providence of Alberta

“I loved both the slides and the instructor’s (Randall Bratton) use of the whiteboard to sketch things out in greater detail as he explained various topics. Very informative and engaging!”

Justin Mosley

United States Marine Corps

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