In this course, students will learn to use advanced document tools and modify document properties, compare documents, enhance scans, as well as enhance documents by adding rich media such as sound, video, and interactive buttons. Students will learn to use the measurement tool, the distance tool, the perimeter tool and the area tool. Students will create interactive forms from a Word document or InDesign document, add form elements, add check boxes and radio buttons, and distribute forms for feedback. Students will understand the importance of accessibility and test for accessibility. Finally, students will understand signatures, create signatures, and add signatures to a document.


Course Objectives

  • In this course you will create and manage PDF documents.
  • Students will:
  • Customize the Acrobat Pro DC workspace.
  • Create PDFs from technical documents.
  • Enhance PDF documents.
  • Create interactive PDF forms.
  • Finalize PDF files for commercial printing.
  • Target audience

    The target students for this course are office professionals with a foundational understanding of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC who want to use the advanced productivity features and the creative features of Acrobat Pro DC.

    1 - Introduction

    • Introduction

    2 - Advanced Document Tools

    • Using Document Properties
    • Comparing Documents
    • Enhancing Scans

    3 - Adding Rich Media

    • Adding Sound
    • Adding Video
    • Adding Buttons

    4 - Using the Measurement Tools

    • Understanding the Measurement Tool
    • Using the Distance Tools
    • Using the Perimeter Tool
    • Using the Area Tool

    5 - Creating Forms

    • Creating a Form from a Word Document
    • Creating a Form from InDesign
    • Adding Form Elements
    • Adding Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
    • Distributing Forms

    6 - Understanding Accessibility

    • What is Accessibility?
    • Running an Accessibility Test

    7 - Creating Signatures and Certificates

    • What is a Digital Signature?
    • Creating a Digital Signature
    • Adding a Signature to a Document

    8 - Conclusion

    • Course Recap
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